Friday, December 4, 2009

And so December has begun

Many years ago, when my children, now 14, 16 & 22 were little, I took the month of December and baked a different cookie recipe each day. I would freeze a good portion of the cookies... On Christmas Eve I pulled from my freezer a wonderful array of cookies!!   I had the kids in the kitchen helping me all the time.

Remembering that year with fond memories, I have decided to do that again this year, and I will share my recipes & experiences with you!!

oxox ~michelle

P.S... that adorable little Elf in the corner up there, is Farkle.. our elf on a shelf.... He is very good to us....

He surprised us with a lovely Advent Calendar on Monday..

 He magically fills it with all sorts of surprises!!!!!  


  1. ok... I'm new to this.......... click on newer posts below to continue.... *sigh*

  2. Michelle, I'm so glad you started this!!! I'm going to use it for a new idea for next year's Cookie Exchange at work. Love the pictures of the kids when they were little ♥

    Christina (stbxadict)

  3. Yay! Hey I have a elf that looks like Farkle in my tree. LOL

  4. hi.. it's michelle!

    I'm now over at :)