Friday, December 18, 2009

An easy make-ahead cookie....

I didn't post yesterday's cookie.... That doesn't mean that I didn't make it, I just got sidetracked & ran out of time.
I'm sure that this has happened to you *wink*

Yesterdays' cookie was one that I first read about in Gourmet magazine in 2006.  It's called Pistachio Cranberry icebox cookies

This recipe is great because you can make the dough ahead of time & bake off when you need to. The dough freezes nicely so that you really can have cookies whenever....They are sort of like a cranberry/ orange pistachio shortbread. And very yummy!

I usually divide the dough in half & use red sugars on one log & green on the other... they end up looking quite festive!

They taste even better than they look./.. I think that these are what I made for my cookies exchange last year.......


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