Monday, December 21, 2009

a very special cookie for a very special girl!

Yesterday was my annual cookie exchange.. Mother Nature gave me my long- awaited wish  of snow.. in the form of a blizzard!!

Ali & Fenway in the snow

I know that this post is being posted today, December 21. but this cookie was baked yesterday, the 20th.. and for  a very good reason...

When I was 7 months pregnant with Alison, Ryan (2 yrs old) & I  met my mom, sister and newborn niece, Alexis for lunch before  went I  to the doctor for a scheduled appointment.

The doc sent me to the hospital for some extra tests because I really wasn't feeling well. My mom took Ryan back to her house to bake gingerbread cookies.

While waiting for my tests, I went into premature labor. They tried to stop it,  but could not. I was rushed my ambulance to a neonatal unit in Boston where they prepared us for the worst. It was the scariest night of my life.

36 hours later the contractions had stopped, but I was  in the hospital for a whole week... including Christmas...

Alison was born still early, in January, but very healthy ... and she is worth every bit of what we went through...

My mom has always talked about how she & Ryan were making gingerbread men the afternoon that I called her to tell her I was being put in the ambulance... December 20, 1994.....

I've never made these cookies until this year..
Paula Deen's Recipe for Gingerbread men

I did, however, use the royal icing recipe from Emeril's sugar cookie recipe..

The gingerbread really came out nicely... really good flavor & just the perfect amount of chewiness....

That's my baby!!!!!!

and as for the cookie exchange? It was wonderful... small, but great

 A few of my friends braved the almost 2 feet of snow, and Alison's friends came and baked their own cookies!!!!.. My daughter- in- law, Amanda made an awesome recipe ( next post) ... Altogether... a great evening!


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